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SEALAW's Profile.

About Us (trang 3)

SEALAW (Southeast Asia Partnership) is one of the leading law firms in supplying the high quality, professional legal services to clients which include inshore and offshore Individuals, Organizations, Enterprises trading in Vietnam. Moreover we are also the one of founders of SEALAW GROUP as well as represent in Milan through associating with THE LEGAL NEWTWORK “IUS&TAX”, EUROVIETNAM AGENCY and GESTIMPRESSA GROUP.


Our lawyers and legal experts all graduated and experience deeply in the multiple sectors and always feature responsibilities and ethic in works. They do not only expertise on legality but also acknowledge deeply on regional cultures, customs as well as business manners in order to match all demands of all types of clients even who are the strictest.


With the best efforts, SEALAW has step by step created the steady belief to our clients and partnerships as well, we always stand based on the ground of the philosophy of actions and development: “Creating Core Value – Preserving Faith”. We do not separate any originals, positions or levels of any clients, because we committed to serve by our hearts. Profession, Result, and Devotement, those are the comments saved from our clients.

For the time being, SEALAW has been serving the legal services comprehensively, professionally to thousands of clients. The four major sectors are targeted by us including: Litigation and Dispute Settlement, Corporate-Investment Consultancy, Debt Recovery, and Intellectual Property, these have been our strengths and branded SEALAW since 1998.

The chain of supplying package is also an attractable point of all members of SEALAW GROUP: business consultancy (Lawyer, Notary Public, Tax Agency) - Dispute Settlement (Lawyer, Commercial Arbitrator) - Judgment Enforcement (Bailiff). All those services contribute partly to support our clients to do their business steadily, effectively as well as protect their benefits in any case of arisen bad situations.

With the strength and enthusiasm, SEALAW believes strongly that we are always trusty, faithful to all clients. In conclusion, SEALAW wishes to be able to cooperate and develop infinitively with the partners and clients.


Mission and Version (trang 4)

SEALAW puts and keeps itself mission to serve clients in all legal fields with full quality, comprehensiveness, effectiveness but reasonable fees only. Additionally, we always save a part of profits for the purpose of the social responsibility through advising and assisting legally with free charge for the special hard objectives.

We always believe our given mission can contribute to create a clear and stead legal environment shortly in Vietnam.

We are going ahead to the later-10-year target to become a leading law firm in Vietnam and region generally.


Philosophy & Culture (Trang 4)

Always effort to bring a better, perfect service and strong belief to clients;

Comply with ethical value in career as well as respect clients’ culture and demands;

Co-operate and team up tightly with the lawyers, legal experts in order to make out bright and value solutions and resolve all matters;

Create a good working environment for our colleagues.


SEALAW and Community (trang 5)

The highlight value of us is the devotement for clients’ benefits. Positively contributing for the purpose of the social community is our mission and humanity.

We are aware that the most value property for every lawyer is knowledge, skill, experience and sharing for those we have accumulated during our career practices.

Therefore, we always warmly contribute our abilities, knowledge in the general community development via express charity activity and free charge legal consultancy to the HIV/AIDS objectives, drug dopers, mistreated women, children, etc. So far we have gained lots of high compliments from society.


SEALAW and Partners (trang 5)

In duration of our career practice, with our prestige, SEALAW has made partnerships with our clients in order to create a steady and effective worldwide-data of partners.

Once becoming a SEALAW’s client, you are taking opportunity to become our potential partner. We do not only seek opportunity to serve with the best service but also seek the opportunity to co-operate, do business and develop with you.


Variety of SEALAW (trang 6)

With over 17 year practice to carry out over 17,000 cases of which succeeded a lots, SEALAW has gained the result based on the experiences variety of its personnel.

-     Reasonable and flexible fee: the service fee is quoted based on real nature of each case, make sure a clearance on finance to clients. Also, we frequently give out the policy on promotion for the clients who continue use our additional services.

-     Professional service: our teams always ensure to serve the most professional services to clients. SEALAW’s personnel provide flexible services, advise and give out brilliant solutions to help clients avoid risks quickly and timely.

-     Clearance and result: SEALAW ensures as well that our clients are always kept updated processes of their cases, it helps them can trust in our services, shorten their time as well as avoid legal risks and save money.

SEALAW’s Commitments (trang 6)

-     Lawfulness: SEALAW commits that all provided services are progressed according to the laws and regulations, we mostly do not use any force, trick or any illegal activities.

-     Respectful ethics: SEALAW never uses conscienceless, immoral activities causing harmfulness to clients’ prestige, honor.

-    Devotement: SEALAW commits to serve most devotedly, considers all clients’ benefits as ours.

-    Effectiveness: We focus on the slogan: “No result, No payment”.


Corporate – Investment Consultancy (trang 7)

Corporate- Investment Consultancy is one of the major sectors branding SEALAW. The team is gathered the most keen lawyers, legal experts. In result we always bring the good result as our client expected.

The following sectors are provided by SEALAW:

-     Commercial consultancy and transactions: SEALAW’s experienced lawyers, legal experts will directly draft kinds of contract, altogether clients participate to negotiate, discuss in all meetings if required;

-     Investment consultancy: SEALAW’s experienced lawyers, legal experts support clients to implement all necessary procedures, prepare documents for the domestic and oversea projects effectively and quickly, on behalf of clients to submit application dossiers to the competent authorities and keep in touch during the process;

-    Corporate consultancy: We conduct the service relating to licensing including but not limiting registrations for establishment, restructure, liquidation for entities, M&A, internal corporate consultancy (disputes arising between the members, on labor issues, etc. );

-     Real estate consultancy: We advise clients to lease lands for implementing projects on real estate, transfer land use right/ housing ownership right, resolve dispute, compensation relating to this issue;

-     Licensing consultancy: According to the laws of Vietnam, in order to do business, lots of enterprises need to get licenses, certificates for their projects likely: security, distribution, export, import, advertisement, etc. We provide a package service to help clients reject all concerns in kinds of the relevant complicate procedures.

-     Templates supply: We have supplied free thousands of templates on human management, labor, administration, corporate, kinds of official letters, contracts, meeting minutes, etc,. via our website: We also provide supporting service like legalization, notarization and translation beside the templates supply as mentioned.


Litigation (trang 8)

Since establishment, the service of litigation at the Courts/ Arbitration as well as proceedings has been one of the major sectors that brands SEALAW.

With advantage of owning the sharp team involving the experienced lawyers, we have succeeded frequently in protecting as well as representing clients including domestic and oversea individuals, organizations, and enterprises to participate under proceedings in the Courts and Arbitration in Vietnam.

Together the trendy of integration with the global economic, almost litigation cases are preferred to resolving by Arbitration procedure, a number of SEALAW’s members also participate the VIAC’s board in Hanoi.

There are following services in this sector:

-     On behalf of organizations, individuals to participate sentences, dispute settlements;

-      Protecting benefits of organizations, individuals in civil, economical, commercial, labor, real estate, intellectual property, administrative cases in the Courts or in the Arbitration Centers.

-     Advocating, protecting persons in temporary custody, accused, indictee, etc. in criminal cases.

Besides, SEALAW also provides wholly litigation procedures in the Courts and the Arbitration Centers; collects, accuses evidences, supports in appraisals, judgment executions, etc.


Intellectual Property (trang 9)

In the purpose of overcoming weak point of almost law firms in Intellectual Property sector (“IP”) as unprofessional, incapable in litigation and dispute settlement, SEALAW has upgraded our team to MASTERBRAND Company Limited (“MASTERBRAND”). MASTERBRAND is a professional entity on IP established under the Decision No. 1008/QD-SHTT by the Intellectual Property Bureau of Vietnam.

Accompany with a chain of provincial branches, representative offices, MASTERBRAND seems to be stronger by the co-operation between its system and SEALAW.

One more special point of MASTERBRAND is its senior personnel including all keen experts who were trained deeply in the long term (5 years) in Vietnam and then abroad. They acknowledge very well all the regulations of Vietnam as well international on the IP sector, completely differ from the experts graduated abroad only.

MASTERBRAND currently is valuated highly on quality, prestige, these evidenced through the amount of application dossiers compared to the other firms, is trusted and appointed to participate master plans on IP by the competent authorities. SEALAW and MASTERBRAND so far have succeeded to protect hundreds of famous cases on dispute of copyright, brands, invention, industrial design in Vietnam and the Southeast Asia.

A number of services in this sector is provided by SEALAW as follows:

-     Application for registration on domestic and international IP protections, e.g. for brands, inventions, useful solutions, industrial designs, copyrights, plant genera;

-     Consultancy for transfer agreements, license agreements;

-     Consultancy for complaint settlements on IP;

-     Consultancy for franchising, technology transfer;

-     Consultancy for prevention and dispute settlement on IP.

via our website:


Dispute settlement (trang 10)

In the reality of doing business as well as daily living, there are lots of credit relations existing especially they have been appearing consecutively since 10 years and more and more strong because of the fluctuation of the economy and the inconsistence of the laws, moreover this situation becomes more popular and serious when the outstanding cannot be refunded timely, it affects partly to the economic development, the social stability as well as the creditors’ benefits.

Since establishment, SEALAW has focused specially on the debt recovery service. Through the professional service as well as the training courses on dispute settlement, keen debt recovery opened regularly, we have brought another new sight on this service. As a leading law firm operating on this sector, SEALAW contributes stabling standards on the service as well as the relevant regulations in Vietnam.

Upon over 17-year-operation, SEALAW is confident to commit to provide the most professional service on the debt recovery. Evidencing through the good solutions given by us to specific case, no matter how volumes of case or what type of clients, we just care of the effectiveness of settlements as committed.

The operation on this service is various it contains commerce, finance, bank, credit, loans for the purposes on household, construction, manufacture, services, labor, etc. Despite each debt is specific and needed to be researched carefully, but we always can have solution and bring result to clients the most quickly.

With the advantage of owning experienced lawyers in litigation in the Courts and the Arbitration Centers, we use to advise litigation solutions for particular cases to protect full benefits for our clients.

We do believe SEALAW completely is valuable to be a trusty partner, first choice of all clients by our deep experiences and professional skills.


Route of conduct (trang 11)

With the targets of providing our services simply, comfortably to every client, we built a route of receipt and settlement of the cases as follows:

Stage 1. Receipt of requirement: Client contacts SEALAW, provides information, documents, and expectations. SEALAW’s staffs will record directly or indirectly via email, telephone, etc. and then clear the matter if necessary.

Stage 2. Research, Evaluation:

If that is a kind of regular case, SEALAW will collect the information, evaluate requirement, estimate timeline and size of work, capacity of settlement, then moving to Step 3. Duration for Step 2 estimated for 2-5 days, depends on each case.

If that is a kind of specific case, SEALAW will research dossier, evaluate related objectives preliminarily: location, business address, operation status, contactors, payment capacity, relation, etc. SEALAW’s staffs will approach in person the locations to evaluate the provided information, additionally collect necessary other information.

Stage 3. Evaluation, Quotation:

The evaluation and quotation will be informed to clients in writing. For any circumstance of each case, SEALAW’s staffs will give out specific evaluation on objectives’ operations, assets status and supporting capacity of settlement thereof. Accordingly feasible options on solution and quotation may be given out for clients to choose and decide. Duration for this step: 3 – 5 days, depend on each kind of case.

No any fee, expense is being quoted even until this step. 

Stage 4. Discussion, Signing contract, authorization:

Based on the Evaluation and Quotation letters sent to clients, in case clients accept, both Parties will enter into agreements and power of attorney letters, accordingly SEALAW will execute and process officially the appointed cases.

Duration for this stage: based on clients’ decisions.

Step 5. Process:

In process (including consultancy, pre-proceedings and in proceedings), SEALAW will resolve and update clients all actions relating to the cases. In addition, clients will be required to give out their final decisions.

Duration for this stage: based on clients’ decisions or current laws.


In-charge Personnel (trang 12)

Be one of the leading legal supply organizations in Vietnam, together its experienced history of practice, SEALAW always focuses on training and upgrading its personnel in order to adapt clients’ more and more difficult demands. All SEALAW’s staffs are inclusive sufficient conditions on quality as well as deep knowledge for every field.

-      Phd, Lawyer Nguyen Manh Thuat- Director, President of SEALAW Group, vice President of Career Council, vice Director of Legal and Policy on HIV/AIDS Consultancy Centre- Vietnam Jurists Association, Commissioner of Executive Committee of Vietnam Poor People Sponsoring Association, Former Delegate of the People’s Council. He has practiced for over 17 years in litigation, commercial dispute settlement, senior skills trainer. He experiences at the senior managing positions and succeeded thousands of case.

-     Phd, Jurist Le Van Trung- Manager of Debt Recovery Division, Commissioner of Career Council. He has practiced and experienced for over 9 years in legal field and debt management, debt recovery for lots of financial companies, banks, entities, and individuals.

-     Phd, Jurist Vo Dinh Duc- Commissioner of Career Council. He has practiced and experienced for over 7 years in debt recovery for lots of financial companies, banks. With slogan as experience, enthusiasm, effectiveness he has brought results to his clients.

-     Lawyer Luong Thi Thu- Member of Vietnam Jurists Association, Commissioner of Career Council. She has practiced for over 15 years in consultancy and corporate.

-     Dr. Nguyen Van Tuyen- Commissioner of Career Council, Lecturer, Vice Chief of After University Faculty- Hanoi Law University. He has practiced and experienced for over 22 years in teaching, studying, deep legal consultancy on finance, banking, insurance, security, commercial, civil and investment fields.

-     Jurist, Senior Expert on IP Nguyen Khac Khang- General Director of Masterbrand, Commissioner of Career Council. He has practiced for over 8 years in IP registration, dispute settlement, technology transfer and franchising fields.

-     Lawyer Nguyen Thu Lan- Lawyer of Lawyer Union Bar Association of German United State Republic, Commissioner of Career Council. She has practiced for over 30 years in studying, teaching and legal consulting in Germany.

-     Lawyer Nguyen Dinh Phuong- Vice Director, Construction Engineer, Member of Vietnam Jurist Association, Commissioner of Career Council, Member of Engineer Association of Germany (VDI), Former Senior Managing Personnel of General Corporation of Hanoi Construction. He has trained practiced for over 15 years in Germany, and been keen in real estate projects.

-     Lawyer Pham Xuan Nga- Member of Vietnam Jurists Association, Vice Director, Commissioner of Career Council. He has practiced for over 30 years in legal fields. He ever positioned as a Deputy Manager of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Ministry of the Force Military of Vietnam.

-     Jurist Mai The Hung- Member of Vietnam Jurists Association, Chairman of the Career Council, Former Arbitrator of State Economic Arbitration of Hanoi; Former Judge of the Hanoi People’s Court. He has practiced for over 30 years so far.

-     Jurist Le Xuan Ai- Member of Vietnam Jurists Association, Commissioner of Career Council, Former Senior Officer of Hanoi Security Department. He has practiced for over 25 years in investigation.

-     Lawyer Tran Xuan Tien- Member of Vietnam Jurists Association, Commissioner of Career Council, Former Investigator, Former Chief of Bailiffs of the Judgment Execution of Ninh Binh province. He has practiced for over 28 years.

-     Jurist Nguyen Thi Minh Hao- Office Manger, Jurist of Vietnam Jurists Association, Commissioner of Career Council, Former Senior Officer of Hanoi Security Department. She has practiced for over 35 years.

-     Phd, Jurist Pham Van Thieu- Commissioner of Career Council. Former Journalist, Editor, Former Examiner of the Supreme People’s Court, Former Officer in the Ministry of Construction and then the Ministry of Information and Communications.

Be together with over 40 other personnel are based on Hanoi and other provinces of Vietnam.

Symbolization Partners

(trang 14)

A number of clients of SEALAW are bankers, including:

Mekong Bank; AFC, HD Bank, Care Vietnam, VP Bank, Abt Inc, Vietcombank, Bac A Bank.

(trang 15)

Annually a number of hundreds clients of which organizations, enterprises use SEALAW’s services and obtain very good results. We would highlight the following symbolization clients:

Viglacera Thang Long JSC; Vinafor Da Nang JSC; LILAMA 69-2; Thai Nguyen Steel JSC; Nam Ha Pharmaceutical JSC; VDC; Song Da 6 JSC; Viet Nhat Co. Ltd; Pacific Group JSC; Vietnam GAMA JSC.

(trang 16)

In a long term and effective duration, SEALAW has been the prestige partner providing legal services to many foreign companies, corporations. A number of those is as follows:

DAIWA PLAZTICs; Vietnam Kao Co. Ltd.; Daihatsu Vietindo Manufacturer; Vietnam Coca-Cola Co. Ltd.; Vietnam ALKANA Co. Ltd.; TCL Co. Ltd.; Vietnam Panasonic Co. Ltd.; Vietnam Box-Pak Co. Ltd.; Vietnam ThyssenKrupp Co. Ltd.; Hall Brothers International Co. Ltd.


Symbolization Partners in IP Sector (trang 17)

In process of the technology scientist projects appointed by the Departments of Technology Science of: Tra Vinh, Hau Giang, Kien Giang, Gia Lai, Ben Tre, Dong Thap, Hai Duong, Hanoi, Hung Yen, etc.

Consulting, registering, protecting the copyrights for the programs, music MV of Vietnam Television in Hochiminh City (VTV9); International Communication JSC; TodayTV; SNTV, etc.

And thousands of other brands:

Thai Tuan brand; Vietnam PappaRoti brands; Cao Lanh Mango brand; Binh Dinh Health Equipment Pharmaceutical; Hiep Thanh Rice Genera brand; Bao Long Pharmaceutical South East Co. Ltd.; Department of Technology – Science of Hau Giang; US PHARMA USA Co. Ltd.; Department of Techonology- Science of Soc Trang; Nha Be JSC.


Contact (trang 18)


Legal and Supporting Services

Civil proceedings

Criminal proceedings

Administrative proceedings

Arbitration Procedures

Dispute Settlement



Finance, Tax Consultancy

Contract and Papers Consultancy

Long-term Consultancy

Debt Recovery

Intellectual Property


Legal Training

Notary Public, Bailiffs




No. 76 Cu Chinh Lan street, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi, Vietnam


Email: /

Tel/Fax: [+84] 04.35656858 - [+84] 04.22178898
Hotline: Lawyer: Hoang Anh - 
[+84] 0928770751 - Email:


Representation in Hochiminh City

Mr Nguyen Khac Khang

No. 116 De Tham street, Cau Ong Lanh ward, District 1, Hochiminh City, Vietnam

Tel: [+84] 0907 72 9899 - [+84] 08. 6688 2929




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