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Amendment of provisions on investment of BOT, BTO, BT will be valid on 20 May 2011
The Decree No. 24/2011/ND-CP was issued by the Government on 05 April 2011 in order to amend some articles of the Decree No. 108/2009/ND-CP on 27 November 2009 on investment of BOT, BTO, BT

Accordingly, the Feasible Study of BOT and BTO projects must be supplemented 5 new points as: (1) Analysis of the necessities and advantages of the project implementations in the forms of BOT, BTO  than other investment forms; (2) Determining the goods, services and proposed prices, fees revenue charged from works of the projects; (3) Determining the time of construction, mining and schedule of management, business for works of the project; (4) Determining the conditions, transferred and received schedules of works of the projects; (5) Proposing  to apply the forms of incentive, support, guarantee of the Government (if any).


In addition, a newly added field is encouraged by the Government is work of medical infrastructure, education, training, vocational, cultural, physical sporting and working offices of state agencies.


This Decree is effective on 20 May 2011.

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