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Implementation guidance the Law on Postal
On 17/6/2011, the Government issued Decree No. 47/2011/ND-CP, shall detail the implementation of some contents of the Law on Postal.

Accordingly, in order to be granted the licence of postal services, together the conditions stipulated in the Law on Postal then the enterprises shall ensure the following financial conditions as: the minimum capital level of the business service providers post within the province, inter-provincial is 2 billion VND, of the enterprises providing international postal services is 5 billion VND.


The projects involving foreign invested capital less than 15 billion VND must be examined but not need the Prime Minister's decision, and the projects with foreign investment capital from 15 billion VND or more must be examined before submitting the Prime Minister for investment decision.


In case of transferring capital transfer, projects, suspension, rescheduling the project or termination of operations of the investment and liquidation of investment projects or other adjustments to investment projects, the investors must report the Department of Information and Communications for reviewing the amendment, supplement, or revoke licenses in accordance with the provisions.


The damages in the provision and use of postal services are done on the principle of direct compensation based on the supply and use of postal services contracts. Not compensate indirectly for outside the contract damages or for non-obtain resources from the postal services of which qualities were not assured under the agreement by the parties. Not to damage for cases of postal services without documents confirming the postal acceptance and service users to have no documents proving the use of services, compensation.


On the limits of liability for minimum damages, for the onshore postal services to be four times of the used service charge; and for offshore postal services transported by air to be 9 SDR/kg but not less than 30SDR/ package, plus reimbursement of used service charges; for the offshore postal services transported by other ways to be 5 SDR / kg, plus reimbursement of the used service charges.


The compensation must be made within a period not exceeding 30 days from the date of the Meeting minute on compensation responsibilities by the parties.


This Decree shall be effective on 15/8/2011, replaces the Decree 157/2004/ND-CP dated 08/18/2004, the Decree 128/2007/ND-CP dated 02/8/2007, some articles of the Decree 121/2008/ND-CP dated 03/12/2008.

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