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Supplementation on recruiting and managing the foreign employees
On 17/6/2011, the Government issued Decree No. 46/2011/ND-CP, amending and supplementing some articles of Decree No. 34/2008/ND-CP dated 25/03/2008 of Government providing on recruitment and management of foreigners working in Vietnam.

Accordingly, there are more 02 types of organitions to be allowed to use foreign employees, those are: Associations, associations of enterprises established in accordance with the laws of Vietnam; business households and individuals which are allowed by the competent authorities for the business activities in accordance with the laws of Vietnam.


Together 02 cases to be re-granted work permit as: lost the work permit, damaged the work permits, also for the case of foreign workers who must change the passport numbers, places of work written on their work permits. The duration of the reissued work permit is the duration of the issued work permit deducts the working time of the foreign worker up to the moment of application of reissuance of the work permit.


Also, the Decree also added provisions on foreigners entering Vietnam to carry bidding packages or projects of foreign contractors which won the contracts in Vietnam.


Detailed, during processing the bidding invitation dossiers, requirement dossiers, the investors must specify using Vietnamese and foreign employees in accordance with the law, in which must be priority to use the Vietnamese employees in the suitable works with them.


Where it is necessary to use the foreign expertise for the bidding package then it is required the foreign contractor must provide the plans of using foreign expertise including: job title, number, qualifications, experience, duration of work in the bidding invitation dossiers, requirement dossiers.


This Decree takes effect from the date of 01/8/2011.

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Amendment of provisions on investment of BOT, BTO, BT will be valid on 20 May 2011 (15/5/2011)
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